For the Dimmblá woman who strives to be confident, open-minded, liberal to tough. A woman who is optimistic, wants to pursue uniqueness and enjoy life.

For the Dimmblá woman who strives to be confident, open-minded, liberal to tough. A woman who is optimistic, wants to pursue uniqueness and enjoy life.


November 25, 2017


To make what you’re wearing works for you in a business environment, choose clothes and a style that make you feel good and boost your confidence. Investing in items you’ll always reach for is very important. Choose something comfortable which you can easily transfer into casual wear, business clothes and dinner outfit. Dressing for success includes your outfit, personal grooming and accessories. Here’s how to choose outfit for business meetings and dress like the professional you are or aim to be.

When you are meeting a client or prospect for the first time make sure you dress for success. Choosing the right outfit for a business meeting is all about developing your own personal brand.


A woman who dresses sharp is clearly someone who can evaluate a situation and come up with the right solution for it. So by looking good you’re looking like a valuable contact. You should avoid wearing suits that are uncomfortable or suits that you dislike. Discover your style for a formal attire in which you feel comfortable and self assured. Understanding the type of meetings you are headed into and having the forethought to dress in a manner that plays to your advantage. It’s almost the same as being prepared for where you are going for a holiday, you wouldn’t choose a snowsuit to the beach.


There is a difference between a casual and a formal business meeting. Find out if the meeting is formal enough for jeans, a shirt or a comfortable dress. Or if you should wear a two piece matched pantsuit, a skirt suit and a closed toe dress shoe. When you choose a skirt or a dress, keep in mind to have them no higher than one inch above the knee. You can choose conservative colors and patterns for a formal meeting and more colorful patterns for a casual meeting. If you're meeting with international clients then research what is appropriate and carefully consider your audience. Research what the locals wear for business tête-à-têtes and dress accordingly.

If you are going to a conference it’s important to know the type of conference you’re attending – a half-day seminar followed by a dinner event means social dress, while several full days of panels and talks would call for a more formal business standard of dress. You can easily Convert your dress to a more formal outfit with a blazer, while evening outfits can be a little more relaxed.


Always remember your accessories. You can dress conservatively and add an accessory with a subtle print to reveal your personal style and express your modern elegance. Perfect for personalizing and also for dressing an outfit up or down are these tiny finishing touches that will be an instrumental component to the outfit that you’ve chosen, and get you the look that you’re going for. Small details like a more noticeable pair of earrings, scarf  and a necklace when wearing a casual dress can send the message that you’re relaxed and being yourself.


A good outfit loses its appeal very quickly when the wearer is sweating and flushed so stick to comfortable materials. Synthetic materials may trigger sweating. Avoid cheap synthetics such as rayon or acetate; rayon itches, and both of them wrinkle easily and wash poorly.  Go for materials that let the skin breath such as silk and organic cotton. When you’re sweating, looking trendy is the last thing on your mind. So make comfort your first priority. Always keep in mind that if you look at your wardrobe as an investment, it will be of a higher quality, last longer, and you’ll love every item a whole lot more.


When you are choosing an outfit for a business meeting, go for the suitable style for you. Clothing certainly does not determine your actual competence and credibility. It does, however, influence others' perception of those qualities – and that can impact your career opportunities. Make sure you distinguish yourself and let the clothes help you leave an impression as a credible and successful expert.

When you are putting your effort into your presentation, don’t forget to put an effort into your outfit. Don’t let lack of professional appearance hold you back.
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