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Northern Lights


 Consumerism and throwaway lifestyles over the last few decades, has become a huge concern globally.


The significant amounts of water, chemicals, and energy used before and during manufacturing and transportation mean that the clothing industry places much strain on natural resources and has an immense carbon footprint even before reaching the consumer.

We go in a different direction and our goal is to prevent overproduction.

With our Pre-Order system, we can estimate how many pieces we are going to sell from one product.


We only produce the number of items that we sell.


This means better resource efficiency and less wasted materials.


Which eventually leads to fewer costs per produced garments, resulting in lower production costs per garment.

Yes, you'll need to wait longer to receive your garment but you will benefit immediately by getting a lower price


- in the end, everybody profits from this: the environment, we, you and tomorrow’s generations.

Our Northern Lights collection is influenced by one of the most spectacular phenomena on earth, the northern lights, which can frequently be seen in Iceland.


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