Loving the world and using certified organic fabrics.

Loving the world and using certified organic fabrics.

Social Responsibility


Founded in Iceland by Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir, Dimmblá is an ethical Icelandic conscious lifestyle brand and I believe nature is a luxury.


I use natural resources responsibly and I furthermore want to protect the environment and believe in giving back and doing my bit.


And so for every piece sold from Dimmblá's collections a donation goes towards those who directly support our natural world for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.


​ I work in partnership with our friends from the Icelandic environment association, Landvernd.


Landvernd is concentrated on protecting Iceland's unique wilderness and landscapes in the central highlands of the country due to an increasing demand of energy production in these areas, primarily aimed at fueling heavy metal industry.


Landvernd has furthermore focused on climate change and the impact of the ever-increasing number of tourists visiting the delicate nature of Iceland.


I support Oceana, an international organization which protects the world’s oceans. ​


So when you purchase a piece from Dimmblá’s Glacial Collection, I’ll make a donation to Oceana. Click here to learn more about Oceana.


We also implemented a pre-order system which everybody can profit from: the environment, I, you and tomorrow’s generations.


Click the link below to learn more about our pre-order system and how you can benefit from it.




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