Loving the world and using certified organic fabrics.



It began with one woman's dream to make a difference. I loved fashionable styles and I was often tempted into buying a hot item.


I noticed new fashion trends coming out every week so my clothes made me feel out of trend almost immediately.


This usually left me a year later with an emptier wallet and a wardrobe filled with useless clothes. 


When my mother was young fast fashion didn't even exist.


My mother had a dress in her wardrobe that she had used for years and still looked new.


The dress was passed on to me and I loved it because I had memory attached to it and it had a purpose.


What's more, in 2013 I was shocked to learn devastating facts about the clothing industry and how wasteful and harmful to the environment manufacturing common fabrics and materials can be.


Therefore I decided to become conscientious consumer and disciplined myself to get the most from my money when buying clothes.


I started to buy from brands that aligned with my own values and treated people and the environment with respect.


I wanted items that reflected my individual style longer and I could enjoy for many seasons to reduce frequency of apparel purchases.


Not only do I select clothes today that compliment my existing style and wardrobe, I also select products for my home that will last for years.




That's why I took a leap of faith and decided to establish Dimmblá in 2013 and offer consciously made products.


My scarf collections reflect the spectacular and unpredictable mystery that is nature. I offer a small collection of products for homes and make custom made designs for hotels.


I use natural biodegradable fabrics produced from crops that are all grown and processed in India with natural dyes and low impact biodegradable dyes.


Excess fabric is all used to make beautiful accessories such as necklaces!


All prints are only offered in limited edition and once they're gone, they're gone. I believe in giving back and and for​ every purchase I donate to help protect our nature.


My mission is to make products, services and content that can help people and companies reduce waste.


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I believe in unique design, sustainable fabrics and clean conscience!


Together we can make a difference and treat people and the environment with respect.


Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir, founder








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