Loving the world and offering Consciously Made Products. - Free shipping for all bed sets

Loving the world and offering Consciously Made Products. - Free shipping for all bed sets

pre-order system


Consumerism and throwaway lifestyles over the last few decades, has become a huge concern globally.


The significant amounts of water, chemicals and energy used before and during manufacturing and transportation mean that the clothing industry places much strain on natural resources and has an immense carbon footprint even before reaching the consumer.

With Dimmblá I go in different direction and my goal is to prevent overproduction.

With our Pre-Order system, I can estimate how many pieces we are going to sell from one product. I only produce the number of items that we sell. This means better resource efficiency and less wasted materials. Which eventually leads to less costs per produced garments.

Yes, you'll need to wait longer to receive your garment but you will benefit immediately by getting a lower price - in the end everybody profits from this: the environment, my business, you and tomorrow’s generations.




I use sustainable fabrics that are produced from crops that receive no or very low levels of chemicals to grow, use less water and leave less waste during production.

The fabric and the prints make Dimmblá products distinctive and stand out, so each piece is unique.


I choose a partner that works under the Max Havelaar and GOTS Fair Trade guidelines and independently supports 4 NGO’s working extensively for wild life conservation, disabled care and girl child education.


Our partner offers their staff a good environmental conditions in the working place, good salaries, paid monthly holiday, no double or nights shifts, provides yearly bonuses and medical insurance.




Being a conscious consumer matters and small actions make a big difference.

The planet will love you for choosing products of sustainable, natural materials and your body will love you because wearing natural fibers is better for your health, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin.

Sustainable products can be more expensive; however, you are often buying more durable products with a longer lifetime than mass-produced, low quality, synthetic products that are often chemically-treated.




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