Loving the world and using certified organic fabrics.

Loving the world and using certified organic fabrics.

Northern lights necklace - Pre - order

Why pre-order?

By pre-ordering this product you help us reduce overproduction and we are able to offer a 20% off without compromising our quality standards.

For products ordered today the expected freight date is: April 15th. For orders made earlier the original freight date is still valid. Please be aware that the shipping can take another 1-2 weeks until your parcel reaches you. Please be aware that if you order various products, that all will be shipped by the latest date.

We make sure that none of the fabric off-cut meaning all the fabric that is left after the design piece has been cut - are thrown away. We use it to make beautifully handmade necklaces. With small means, we all can contribute and conserve natural resources.

  • Length of beads approximately 100 cm.
  • Silver rings between beads.
  • Fabric type: 100% organic cotton
  • All organic.


Tight with a knot on the back.

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